New coffee cup!


Just the right size!

A 99 cent Goodwill find! Protein bar and yogurt included for scale. Mmm…coffee!


New hair teaser!

I had a little trouble finding the place tucked away on the second floor of a downtown office building. I knew in general where it was. I found it after walking back and forth a couple times on that floor. They really need to do a better job of signage for the casual passerby.

The stylist was friendly and very knowledgeable. She listened and did what I wanted. I have not been able to say that about a stylist for a very long time (if ever). I don’t usually like paying salon prices for something I can do myself, but this overall experience was worth paying a bit extra. (If you are reading this and you know me IRL, I can give you her business card if you ask for it. If you bring in the card with my name on it, I will get a discount.) She even gave me a shampoo and a brief scalp massage. The whole thing took less than 45 minutes. I walked away a very satisfied customer. She will be getting my repeat business.

Here is the view from the back. I asked the stylist to take this pic when my hair was still slightly wet. It isn’t the best quality photo, but you get the idea. Long in front and very short in back. Once my hair dried out and the curls tightened, it was even shorter. Perfect! It is still my natural brown. I didn’t have the money for any color or highlights. Maybe next time. I am very happy with the results!

As I walked home, a stranger on the street told me I looked pretty. Not sure what that was all about, but I said thank you and went on my way.

haircut (2)

Freshly cut hair

Gonna get my hair done!

One of the gals I met while on stage in Rocky Horror happens to be a hair stylist! She promised discounts to any cast members who came to her for their next haircut. I decided to take advantage of that offer today and get my hair layered a bit. I usually don’t go to salons because of my tight budget. I usually just cut my hair myself using a trial and error method until I get it right.

Their Facebook page has some awesome color ideas.


Beautiful blue hair!


Pink hair with purple highlights! Gorgeous!

I would love to do a drastic color, but I don’t have the time and energy for the upkeep (even if I was allowed to do something weird at work). I am excited for this salon experience. It will help that I know the stylist. It sounds like she knows what to do with naturally curly hair.

Pics to come!

In the meantime, enjoy this BuzzFeed video. Can you relate?

31 Problems Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand

No thanks.

After my latest disappointing audition for one of my favorite musicals (see my previous posts), I shifted my focus toward an upcoming Shakespeare audition and two independent film auditions. I didn’t have to sign up for any of these. The Shakespeare audition was within walking distance of my house. The public could come in and read at any time over the course of two days. The two film auditions were also walk-ins but one was in a different city.

On the night before the Shakespeare audition, I overindulged in some social drinking. This resulted in a rather unpleasant morning and a slow start to my day (I lost an hour that night due to DST). I knew I had over-scheduled myself when I agreed to usher on the same day as the auditions. I pushed through the haze of my hangover, got up, got dressed, and amazed myself by making it over to the theatre in time for my ushering gig. I got to see a free show and got a free cupcake for my trouble. I was glad I had agreed to usher. The show was wonderful. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I definitely plan to do that again.

Once I got home from my ushering gig, I was hungry and tired and didn’t feel like putting myself on display. I halfheartedly told myself I would audition that next day, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. In the end, I didn’t have the time to put a monologue together and I didn’t feel the least bit of confidence in my ability to tackle the material. Another thing that always makes me hesitate is the location of the shows. Every show is outside. For this reason alone, these yearly auditions are on the bottom of my priority list. Still…I have always wanted to give Shakespeare a shot. Maybe next year. I will definitely be attending the productions when they are staged in the summer (wearing plenty of bug spray and sunscreen).

This past Sunday, I had originally planned on doing the two film auditions. The good part was that they were asking for women in my age group which has been a rare thing lately. The bad part was that they were scheduled to shoot in Omaha which would make my life difficult. Again, like a pro, I had partied hard and indulged in some drinking and smoking the night before. Looking back on it, I wouldn’t have changed my plans in order to accommodate these auditions. I am really glad I went to the party. It gave me a chance to bond with some theatre folks I didn’t previously know very well.

I woke up on Sunday dehydrated and sleepy. I made the effort to pretty myself up thinking I might still make it to at least one audition. I even trimmed my hair and put on my face. I looked in the mirror and…I just wasn’t feeling it. Why take time out of my day off work to audition for a film out of town that I might not even be cast in? I really just wanted to spend the day with my hubby. So, I did.

We ended up going to an art gallery opening in Omaha with some friends and then to a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse (where I unexpectedly won a horror movie soundtrack on vinyl in a contest I hadn’t even entered!). It was an awesome day. I felt a twinge guilty that I skipped the auditions, but that was nothing compared to the rush of relief when I gave myself permission not to go to these auditions.

What have I learned? I love acting, but not that much. Will I still audition? Sure. I enjoy it as a hobby. If forced to chose between more auditions or an interesting social life, I will chose my friends every time. I would rather form relationships with people and work on strengthening existing friendships than go out of my way for an audition.

I really need to get my little home recording studio set up so I don’t have to leave my house to audition for things.

I am looking forward to being a part of the upcoming Rocky Horror performance even though I am not performing. I has been interesting to see the show come together from the ground up. This will be the first time I have ever seen a complete production of this musical that I haven’t purchased tickets for.

“Let’s do the time warp again!”


Busy week ahead!

I had a great weekend. My alarm caught me off guard this morning. I was almost late for work. I made it with moments to spare.

During weeks like this, I must remind myself why I do theatre. I love it! I will be at the theatre for four nights this week. Yes, I will be tired. But, each production is a unique experience that will never be repeated. Shows like this don’t come along very often. It will be fun to see the show take shape. Our audience won’t know what hit them!

In addition to helping out with the play, I have to try to get to the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I will have to set an extra loud alarm. I have been slacking with workouts and diet lately. I need to kick my butt back in gear. “I’m tired” is not a good excuse.

In other acting related news, I chose two monologues for my acting workshop in October. I am going to continue to look for other pieces between now and then. At least I have something to start with. We were instructed to find a piece that we love. That is an impossible task to do in seven days. I found a couple monologues from our list of approved authors that I felt were mildly amusing with a dark and light side to them. I will probably film myself during my preparation phase. Due to copyright issues, I can’t publish audition videos, but it will be a good chance to test out my lighting and sound.

In makeup news, I used some new liquid lipstick this weekend from Shop Miss A. I was amazed and delighted with how it turned out. The color was fantastic and it did a good job staying on. Sadly, I was in a hurry and didn’t snap a selfie. Snap up a tube or two if you can. Everything on the site is a dollar. This stuff held up surprisingly well for one buck!