Busy week ahead!

I had a great weekend. My alarm caught me off guard this morning. I was almost late for work. I made it with moments to spare.

During weeks like this, I must remind myself why I do theatre. I love it! I will be at the theatre for four nights this week. Yes, I will be tired. But, each production is a unique experience that will never be repeated. Shows like this don’t come along very often. It will be fun to see the show take shape. Our audience won’t know what hit them!

In addition to helping out with the play, I have to try to get to the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I will have to set an extra loud alarm. I have been slacking with workouts and diet lately. I need to kick my butt back in gear. “I’m tired” is not a good excuse.

In other acting related news, I chose two monologues for my acting workshop in October. I am going to continue to look for other pieces between now and then. At least I have something to start with. We were instructed to find a piece that we love. That is an impossible task to do in seven days. I found a couple monologues from our list of approved authors that I felt were mildly amusing with a dark and light side to them. I will probably film myself during my preparation phase. Due to copyright issues, I can’t publish audition videos, but it will be a good chance to test out my lighting and sound.

In makeup news, I used some new liquid lipstick this weekend from Shop Miss A. I was amazed and delighted with how it turned out. The color was fantastic and it did a good job staying on. Sadly, I was in a hurry and didn’t snap a selfie. Snap up a tube or two if you can. Everything on the site is a dollar. This stuff held up surprisingly well for one buck!


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