Life goes on

I’ve been so lazy in the mornings that I have had to leave without my morning coffee. So sad! I have been buying energy drinks at Walgreens to tide me over. I really need to get back to making my coffee at home so I can save cash.

To drown my sorrows after my disappointing audition, I used part of my tax refund to buy a backdrop with a stand and a ring light. I think the ring light will be just what I need for any makeup related videos. My two LED lights still left some shadows even on the brightest setting. I am excited to try everything out! I need to set up a regular blogging and video schedule so that I don’t forget to post updates. I have been buying makeup quite frequently. I have a backlog of products to review and discuss!

I am looking forward to attending a voiceover workshop next month. The commute is longer than I would like. About 100 miles round trip. I had to post an ad on Craigslist to find a ride. I was surprised that someone actually responded. I have a meeting scheduled with him later today so we can talk and get to know each other. This is an annual workshop that I have been wanting to attend for quite awhile. Transportation is always a problem so I have never been able to go. I decided that it was important enough to spend extra on gas in addition to the workshop fee. Hopefully, I will remember to post updates online as I progress though the class.

In order to keep my voice in shape between auditions, I joined a church choir. These folks are true professionals. They sound so polished. The director is really nice and it is obvious that he is passionate about the music and making it sound exactly like it should. To be clear, I have not joined the church and I don’t attend services. The music isn’t old or “churchy” like I first assumed. The song we are working on is a gorgeous but angst-ridden piece written in the 21st century. I can’t wait to hear what we sound like with a full orchestra.

We had an extra choir rehearsal last night. I am so glad I attended! We got a special session conducted by the maestro who used to be the composers teacher. He taught us some neat things about how the voice works that I had never considered before. He had to correct some of our mid-western pronunciations of certain words in order to make the piece sound better. My only problem so far is picking out the Alto I part. My music reading ability isn’t perfect. I am having trouble knowing when to sing when other parts overlap. I think proper timing will come with practice. Others around me are having similar issues, so I don’t feel like the only one struggling at this point.

After work today, I will be attending a post-St. Patty’s Day party at a fellow actresses house. It will be a small intimate affair. It will be a nice chance to see some folks I haven’t seen in awhile.

What would you like to see in future videos? Makeup reviews? Unboxing videos? Stories about my acting/auditioning/workshop adventures? Random life updates?

Have you checked out Skelotim on YouTube yet?



He is so funny! He’s also an excellent makeup artist. He likes to create makeup looks based on his favorite snacks. He calls himself a “fat bitch” and makes no apologies for enjoying his favorite chips and drinking beer. He even includes blooper reels at the end of each video. Hilarious!

See you soon!


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