New equipment arrived!

I am so excited to start setting up my new lights (pics to come)! I haven’t had a moment to myself lately, so everything is still in boxes.

I had a wonderful holiday weekend. I used the extra day to sleep in and get some cleaning done in preparation for our new bed. I was too busy enjoying myself to post much online. I have some Ipsy products to show off. I also have a couple unboxing videos I want to do. I can’t wait!

I finally got a new phone. My old Kyocera phone that I hastily purchased in NY as a replacement was pretty abysmal. Apps were crashing all the time. I really missed my old HTC phone. This new phone is a lot like my old HTC, but better! Better picture quality, better sound quality, better memory, and a lot more bells and whistles. Overall, a much better product. I have taken some photos with it, but I haven’t had time to post them.

With my 6 day a week job and my daily gym visits, it will be challenging to find time to edit and post videos. How do you find time? Do you post at the same time each week? Do you post at the same time of day? I think Sunday would be ideal for me if I can stay in one place long enough. Ha ha!

A vlogging friend advised me to shoot videos of myself with different devices and in different settings just to get used to filming and seeing myself on film. Good advice! I am always reluctant to shoot random videos because my makeup or hair isn’t quite right. I just need to get over myself and start putting stuff out there.

Keep your eyes open!

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