Shot some video and then…

My battery died. I knew it was about to die, but I was hoping to shoot a bit more. I knew I didn’t have much battery left after I kept fiddling with the camera settings and my lights and constantly turning the camera back on when it would shut off. The one annoying thing about my fancy new camera is that the battery indicator is not a true reflection of actual battery life. I really need a spare battery for times like this.

After setting up more table lamps and noticing how yellow my skin tone was under those lights, I turned them off. I tried shooting with only the florescent ceiling light from the kitchen across from me and the ceiling light above the dining table. Better color, but still too many shadows from underneath.

I found a lighting set up on Amazon last night after watching some YouTube tutorials. Have you used lights like this for your videos?

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 light

CowboyStudio set of two light stands with cases

Maxiam Power replacement battery

Insten battery charger

After the camera died, I thought I would try shooting some video from my netbook. The bedroom lamp and string lights on the bed didn’t look half bad on video. Sadly, the microphone was almost non-existent, so that video didn’t work well either. I have decided to wait another week or so until I get proper equipment before my YouTube channel goes live. The video I shot last night wasn’t up to my standards. I refuse to put out poor quality work. In addition to proper equipment, I also need to sit down and write out bullet points so that I remain focused during my short videos. My goal is for my videos to stay between 3-5 minutes in length. I don’t think I could provide enough riveting material to go any longer. In the meantime, I will keep posting blog updates and daily coffee photos.

I will be ordering the products linked above in the next few days. I am optimistic. I look forward to posting my first very well lit YouTube video.


NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 light

Are there any “getting to know you” questions you want me to answer in my first video? Comment and let me know!

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