Vlog lighting woes

I am still trying to rig proper lighting so that you can actually see me when I post my first vlog. I am getting there, but I am not quite ready. The one light I have is decent, but only lights one side of my face which leaves a lot of shadow in the frame. I need a second clip lamp to balance out the frame. I will play around a bit more tonight and see if I can light myself well enough for a test video. I have a decent DIY backdrop up and ready to go. I am ordering a couple inexpensive muslin sheets on ebay. I need to go to the hardware store and pick up a couple work lights.

I have decided I will use my kitchen table for evening shoots since that seems to be the best lit corner of the apartment. I am lucky that my apartment has a huge expanse of windows if I ever have time to do a daylight shoot. I rarely have time during the day to shoot so I will have to figure out how to make do with indoor lighting. I always knew my apartment was dim, but it wasn’t until I really needed light that I discovered just how much light we are lacking.

I had a light bulb moment (haha) earlier today when I realized I could use my hubby’s art desk and his lamp along with my tripod to highlight items that need to be demonstrated in front of the camera while my face is not in the frame. I may try to get this set up tonight.

I’ve been looking at basic lighting techniques online. I am determined to find a low cost way to light my space. Have any of you had experience with this? What has worked for you?

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